Busting some Food Myths - Myth 1: Eat Low-Fat

Google, YouTube, and the World-Wide-Web are wonderful technology knowledge and information platforms. None of us can really imagine what it was like when these technology platforms did not exist, and we had to rely on printed Encyclopaedias, and visit libraries to learn about subjects of interest.

Most people rely solely on these platforms for their information, and either do not have access to or cannot read and understand the real science and published documents. Even though they may have access to them, they are not necessarily qualified to discern what is "good research" and what is manipulated research results to get a specific “paid” outcome.

In addition to the information overload (that we all suffer from) provided by the World-Wide-Web, it is extremely frustrating to see how so-called health gurus and even qualified health professionals contradict each other with what is considered healthy, what is good for us, and what is bad for us…

The science of marketing has skewed information, and even “science and research” is in most cases “geared and manipulated” to a “paid” outcome - to sell the pills, the treatment, or the product that the “sponsors” are pushing into the market. It is seldom about the integrity, the health or the greater good of mankind. It is merely about profit margins and sales.

Radical Results has the objective to use meta-research (meaning; looking at all the available research. Scientists analyse all the research and science on a specific topic. They exclude ALL the skewed and manipulated “science” and research that is not based on sound, fundamental and gold-standard research and science principles.) Meta-research summarises the outcomes of all the gold-standard good and sound research, to give a meaningful view on the topic or subject matter being studied or researched.

This is the first in a series of blog posts summarising some of the Food Myths debunking them with the Real Facts:

Myth 1: Eat Low-Fat

Since Low-Fat, Low-Calorie Diets became popular:

1. Diabetes, Obesity and Cancer escalated by 30% every five (5) years.

"You mean, even obesity increased whilst we are all cutting out the FATS from our diets?"

2. High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure became growing health concerns.

"What do you mean? We are NOT eating any fat. How can that give us High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure?"

3. Heart Attack is the number 1 Disease that causes Death year-on-year.

"NO!!! Impossible... Surely that is only relevant to the stubborn and unhealthy people eating lots of FAT!!!"

4. Mental diseases such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Depression including Bipolar-disease were not really known or very seldom diagnosed prior to Low Fat, Low-Calorie Diets.

"Oh NO!!! Come on, you can NOT suggest that Low Fat, Low-Calorie Diets are responsible for such serious Mental Diseases?"

5. Mental diseases are predicted by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to overtake Heart Disease as the number 1 Disease-causing Death, in the next few years.

"Surely, this cannot be true? This is scary!!! However, coming to think of it, more and more people are suffering from serious Mental Disorders..."


6. Lifestyle Diseases (preventable diseases) are consistently increasing in numbers in western cultures and especially in the higher-income groups where these Lifestyle (Preventable!)-Diseases are causing more and more Deaths.

Refer to the graphs published below by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and STATS SA.

Something is clearly very wrong!
Top 10 underlying causes of death 2015-2016
Top 10 causes of death in high-income countries in 2016

Facts about FAT, and Why we should eat Good Quality FAT?

1. There are nine (9) times more energy molecules in a cube of FAT than in a cube of carbohydrates.

People cannot sustain eating a Low-Fat, Low-Calorie diet for long. Everybody on a Low-Fat, Low-Carb diet constantly complains of suffering from hunger AND fatigue!

2. We cannot make hormones without good quality FAT.

"No way??? You mean the main ingredient of our hormone production is good quality FAT?"

3. Our body’s cells and especially our brain cells can ONLY repair and restore if we eat good quality FAT.

This is ONE of the reasons why disease, especially those that cause death, increase year on year –

"What??? I’m eating Low-Fat to be healthy, not to get sick and die!!! I don’t believe this!!! Now I understand why all these Mental diseases are increasing!"

4. Cholesterol is good for us and it is a life-saving essential element in our bodies.

"Whaaaaaaat!!!!????? Cholesterol, especially LDL Cholesterol is BAD, BAD, BAD!!!"

God never made anything bad, and specifically not in our bodies. Every small detail and everything in our body has been designed by God with a specific reason and purpose, and everything God made is good and to our benefit! So, even what doctors call "bad cholesterol" (LDL cholesterol), is atually good for us. How come?


LDL cholesterol is like our body’s “Pratley Putty”.


Whenever oxidative stress and free radical cause damage to our cell membranes (including the membranes of our arteries and veins) our body’s survival mechanism and self-healing mechanism will “switch on” inflammation (part of the healing mechanism of the body), and the body will produce more LDL cholesterol (“Pratley Putty”) to fill the holes caused by the oxidative stress and the free radicals. It will heal the cell membranes and/or artery and vein membranes, so that the cells do not become sick or cancerous, and to prevent us from bleeding internally and die.


Think about Cholesterol as the Firemen putting out fires. Every time you drive past a big fire, you see Firemen. Now, you decide that the Firemen are bad, and they are the criminals because every time you see a big fire, there are Firemen. It does not make sense, does it? Killing off and removing the life-saving Firemen that puts out the fires! Well, that is exactly how we reason and what we do when we try to make Cholesterol the culprit!


By the way, if you are taking any Cholesterol-lowering Medication like Lipitor, Crestor or any similar product, then you are killing off the Firemen that are trying to protect you from dying because of a burning fire (inflammation) inside of you!

Look out for a future product on Cholesterol (soon to be published), that will give more detail about the health properties of Cholesterol.


Note: Oxidised and Inflamed Cholesterol causes heart attacks, strokes and kill us. In the product on Cholesterol, we’ll provide you with all the critical information around this and how to prevent Oxidised and Inflamed Cholesterol.

5. Low Fat Milk and Skimmed Milk (as examples of Low-Fat products that swamped the marketplace) have increased percentages of sugar per every 100ml.

In a future product we’ll teach you how to read food labels, but in the meantime check the “Total carbohydrates” per 100ml or per 100gm of Food. In the case of Milk and Cream, (different brands may differ slightly, but on average), Skimmed Milk will have around 12.8gm of carbohydrates in 100ml milk, whilst 2% Fat Milk will have around 8 or 9gm of carbohydrates in 100ml milk. Full Cream Milk will have around 4gm of carbohydrates in 100ml milk, and double or heavy cream Cream will have around 1.8gm of carbohydrates in 100ml Cream. Rather use double or heavy cream Cream for cooking and your Coffee or Cappuccino , than those blue watery stuff called Skimmed Milk. It’s distasteful and pure sugar water!


What are Healthy FATS that one should eat to stay Physically and Mentally Healthy?

  1. Coconut Oil – cook with it; make a BulletProof Coffee; enjoy it in your Smoothies.

  2. Olive Oil – use it in copious amounts as a Salad Dressing and drizzle it over Stir-Fry veggies.

  3. Butter – real old-fashioned farm Butter – NOT Butter Spreads and NOT Margarine – cook with it; it’s yummy to make scrambled eggs with; make a BulletProof Coffee; eat it on your Keto breads or muffins; bake Keto breads and muffins with butter.

  4. Bacon

  5. FAT (and the meat) from Grass-fed, Grass-finished Beef, and Lamb that have not been injected with AntiBiotics, Hormones, etc.

  6. Cold Water Salmon; Sardines, Pilchards and other oily fish.

  7. Olives

  8. Avo

  9. Nuts, with the exception of Peanuts (they are considered Legumes and not nuts.)

  10. Nut Butters, made WITHOUT preservatives, sugars, sweeteners, etc.

  11. Eggs – especially the egg yolks.

  12. GrapeSeed Oil – only when you want to make Mayonnaise or a sauce that needs oil, otherwise rather use other types of fat.

  13. Avocado Oil

  14. Sesame Seed Oil


Enjoy your Healthy FATS!

Improve your memory!

Enjoy a healthy life with healthy Hormones!

Enjoy a silky and beautiful, youthful skin!


Remember to be "Optimally Well" you need to enjoy your food. It must be tasty; and never forget, you are actually a FAT HEAD!


(FAT Head is a joke we have amongst ourselves, because our Brain Cells are mostly made of FAT and Cholesterol. Plus, eating better-quality FATS in sufficient quantities, will help you grow new Brain Cells and Neural Pathways!)


FAT Regards from FAT HEAD Illona




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