The CoronaVirus was first diagnosed on the 31st of December 2019 in Wuhan, China. It is called a novel/new CoronaVirus, and its code is 2019-nCoV. Everybody all over the globe is now in alert mode (and quite rightly so).

I chose not to spend too much time on a technical description of where it originates from, what they know and what they do not know about this virus. I’ve added a video clip provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO), presenting on the CoronaVirus by the Medical Doctor and Expert on such Respiratory Viruses or Diseases. If you need more information, kindly view this video clip below, and visit the WHO website for continuous updates on the CoronaVirus.

In summary, I’ll provide a few bullet points on some of the facts that may be of importance to you, (as the reader and member of the Radical Results community), to know and understand how best and most effective to care and protect you and your family against this CoronaVirus.

  • It is a Virus, not a Bacteria => Anti-Biotics does NOT help in this case. Anti-Biotics ONLY kills bacteria and compromises your Immune System.

  • It is a Respiratory Virus, meaning it causes Respiratory symptoms and diseases. In severe cases, it may for example cause Pneumonia. In mild cases it can present as a normal cold or flu, like runny nose, coughing and sneezing.

  • Is it already an epidemic? No, it has not yet been declared an epidemic, but the specialists and scientists around the world are constantly convening, researching and discussing cases reported and what they can learn from patients that have been positively diagnosed with this new virus and to update or change their decision, should that be necessary. It has however been declared an Emergency Event (especially in China where it is currently mostly circulating), but there are about 12 countries that have diagnosed around 37 patients positively with the CoronaVirus.

  • That does not mean we should not be alerted and take special precautions to protect ourselves and our families.

  • Who is most likely to get infected and get severely sick (some people, although still a small percentage of around 4% of those infected, have died from this Virus since diagnosed and identified)? It is most likely sick people (sick from any other disease) and with already compromised Immune Systems that could get infected and severely sick. To put it differently, people that have a compromised or weak Immune System, have a higher risk and probability to get infected with the CoronaVirus, should they get in contact with already infected people.

  • No specific vaccination (more about this later) and no specific treatment protocol or pharmaceutical drug has been identified or developed for the novel CoronaVirus.


My personal Advice and Recommendations to protect you and your family from getting sick with this new CoronaVirus:

  1. Number ONE PRIORITY!!!! Boost your Immune System. The basics to boost your Immune System will be given below. This is probably THE most important advice I can give you.

  2. Do NOT take any Anti-Biotics as they firstly breakdown your Immune System and secondly, they will NOT have any benefit for the new CoronaVirus, as it is a Virus and not a Bacteria.

  3. Washing your hands often and thoroughly with soap and water or any pathogen-killing substance like alcohol or Colloidal Silver. Remember you may touch a surface, money, greet somebody by hand, and then unconsciously touch your face, nose, eyes or mouth. Cleanse any potential eating utensils and surfaces thoroughly if people in your environment, home or office have been coughing, sneezing, etc.

  4. The way this CoronaVirus and other Respiratory diseases spread, even the common flu and colds, are minute small particles of moisture/liquid that can transfer from one human being to another through sneezing, coughing, etc. If you cough or sneeze, turn away from others, use a tissue that you immediately throw away, or sneeze and cough into the inner part of your arm (on the inside of the arm where the elbow bends).

  5. Try to be conscious NOT to touch your face, especially your nose, mouth and eyes – but this again emphasis point 3 => Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly, especially if you have been in contact with some other person or touched things that could have been touched by many other people like a doorknob or tap.

  6. Stay away from anybody that has been to Wuhan or anywhere else in China, or those that could have been in contact with people that have been to China.

  7. It’s best not to visit places like China Mall, or crowded places until this CoronaVirus is under control.

  8. If these people that could potentially be infected with the CoronaVirus are your family members or somebody you have to take care of, try to keep a distance of around 1 to 2 meters from them.

  9. If you are the caretaker or the health professional of potentially infected people, take extra precaution to use gloves, masks and other protective means so that you don’t get yourself potentially infected.

  10. If you get the cold or flu symptoms, severe fever, difficulty breathing, and coughing or sneezing extensively, go to see a professional health care physician or in extreme cases go to the emergency unit of your closest hospital. Hospitals can get access to the strands and they can now test for the CoronaVirus.

  11. Whatever you do, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT take vaccinations and injections for the CoronaVirus. Nothing has been tested, nothing has been developed, and you will actually put yourself more at risk of getting this terrible virus.


Basic Immune Boosting Tips (a Comprehensive Immune Boosting Product will soon be made available to the Radical Results community and members):

  1. Drink freshly squeezed lemon and freshly grated ginger in warm water first thing in the morning

  2. Drink at least one coffee mug (300ml) of good quality home-made Bone Broth every day – refer to the Recipes tab on this website for a basic, yet delicious and super healthy Bone Broth Recipe. You can also click on this link to read a Blog post on Bone Broth and science related to the health benefits of Bone Broth.

  3. Drink either fresh (or in capsule format) Apple Cider Vinegar every day

  4. Drink good quality (not all brands are alike or have good quality products) Vitamins, Minerals, and Anti-Oxidants

  5. Eat especially fresh, in-season Berries – they are high in Anti-Oxidants

  6. Eat plenty of Cruciferous and Sulphur Vegetables to support the liver’s Detoxing functionality

  7. Eat copious amounts of Leafy Green Vegetables to keep your body as alkaline as possible => pathogens like viruses have a preference to grow in acidic environments

  8. Drink at least 2 litres of Reverse Osmosis water per day

  9. Do NOT drink any Anti-Biotics, they break down your Immune System

  10. Do NOT take any Vaccinations or Injections to prevent the CoronaVirus – they are NOT tested and they breakdown your Immune System

Click here to view our Bone Broth Recipe.


If you are interested in getting more detail pertaining to the novel CoronaVirus, view the video clip provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO), below.

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