In the Zone: Restorative Medicine

The fundamental philosophy in Restorative Medicine is to follow a Holistic Approach.

Secondly to cause no harm (side effects) by only using Natural, evidence-based Restorative Medicine Protocols.

Thirdly, but equally and critically important, is to find the Root Cause of the Symptom, Disease, or Health Challenge, and then to effectively and decisively address the Root Cause.

This Root-Cause-Analysis in a Holistic Approach requires an understanding of Systems Engineering and Functional Medicine. Diagnosing and Treating a patient this way means the symptoms will disappear, balance (homeostasis) will be created, and the person will move from the left to the right on the WellBeing Continuum to enjoy Optimal WellBeing. To understand the WellBeing Continuum, click on this link for a detailed overview.

When I (Dr. Illona) did my Ph.D. in Restorative Medicine, researching and doing my thesis on The Missing Puzzle Piece of Healing, I realised that I had to create a model to identify the Missing Puzzle Piece of Healing. The linear Thought-Model created by Newton, which prescribes the Conventional Medicine model to suppress symptoms with the “pop a pill philosophy”, does NOT provide answers to many diseases and health challenges.

That is when the Puzzle Piece for Healing stays missing, and people cannot enjoy Optimal WellBeing. They merely live a life like a HumanDoing, without purpose, without joy and living from day to day, often not enjoying a quality life.

The invitation that Radical Results and the In the Zone Model extends is for anybody with a heart’s desire to be healthy and well, to learn how to become a WellBeing, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!

The In the Zone Model for Optimal WellBeing is created on an Einstein-based Thought-Model where a stressor or trigger in one dimension of life (seemingly unrelated in most cases), affects another dimension of life; or it manifests in a very different dimension as a symptom or disease.

Most of the Protocols, Recommendations, and “Teachings” provided on this Radical Results platform, are based on this model that also demonstrates the Radical Results philosophy.

This model is created for everybody that chooses to embark on a lifelong Optimal WellBeing Journey to truly enjoy Optimal WellBeing.

The In the Zone Model of Restorative Medicine depicts (a):

  1. Holistic Approach

  2. Systems Engineering Approach to Root-Cause-Analysis

  3. Functional Medicine and Restorative Medicine Model

  4. Radical Results and Optimal WellBeing!!!


Providing you with just one example to explain how this works and how the Missing Puzzle Piece of Healing could remain a mystery and stay missing, a hypothetical but realistic example is presented.

A person may, for example, harness lots of negativity in terms of thoughts (Mind Dimension to the right and above – In the Zone Model below) and emotions (Emotional Dimension to the left and above – In the Zone Model below), towards another person.

Examples hereof could be unforgiveness, anger, frustration, doubt, and bitterness. (Refer to the Emotional and Mind Bubbles in the model below).

Then years later the person gets diagnosed with say, liver cancer, which manifests in the body (Physiological and Molecular Dimension on the left below).

The person goes from doctor to doctor or specialist to specialist. They go for conventional medicine protocols such as chemotherapy, etc., and/or they go to natural health practitioners for natural protocols such as ozone therapy, alkaline diets, serious detoxing, etc. They follow different diets, yet they get sicker, and nothing they do or try seems to help.

What I’ve learnt from this model, is that all the above-mentioned treatments and protocols are based (in this example) on the treatment of the physical body (Physiological and Molecular Dimension on the left below). Yet the other dimensions are not addressed. Therefore, the person cannot move to the far right on the WellBeing Continuum, and they will NOT enjoy Optimal WellBeing, that is only possible when you are In the Zone!

The In the Zone Model for Restorative Medicine is depicted below:


Image: In the Zone


The premise of this model is that for any HumanBeing to become a WellBeing, one has to be In the Zone! In the Zone means one has to be well in each and every one of these dimensions (“bubbles”) or circle categories depicting the different, yet integrated dimensions of a HumanBeing.

If one is not well in any one of these “bubbles’, that means the person is not a WellBeing. Maybe he/she is moving towards the right on the WellBeing Continuum, but they are surely not yet enjoying the benefits of Optimal WellBeing.

Every Radical Results product, every event (like a Radical Results retreat or workshop), and every Radical Results post, or article, is deliberately and specifically designed on the premise of this In the Zone Model. This is done to ensure that the benefits enjoyed and the outcomes achieved, will always equate to Radical Results.

Where are you currently on your life journey?
How far are you from being fully integrated In the Zone?
Or are you completely out of balance (with reference to the WellBeing Continuum)?


The Radical Results products will not only provide you with a “What?” solution, it will also provide you with the practical “How to?” solution.

The solution will be very detailed, and it will provide you with a “GPS” and step by step guidelines, including a detailed BluePrint. These products and solutions include practical Tips and Tools to implement effectively, successfully and immediately… These are all tried and tested solutions.

Anybody that follows these guidelines and implement as indicated, in the guidelines or BluePrint, (meaning there is compliance to the provided process, system or implementation plan and recommended protocols) WILL experience Radical Results, and sooner rather than later, experience and enjoy Optimal WellBeing! 😊

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