Mental Health Tips for Covid-19 "Lockdown"

Stay Mentally Healthy during Lockdown!


So far, we’ve provided the Radical Results community with many tips related to physical health and we emphasise that staying mentally healthy is equally important to Boosting your Immune System and for physical health.

It, of course also works the other way around. Being physically healthy means we will have a higher probability of a healthy mind!

We, at Radical Results, believe that this Blog Post and the related Tips are critically important for anybody going into, (all South Africans going into Lockdown tonight) or those that are already in Lockdown.

It is our prayers and belief that with the right MindSet (which forms part of the Life, Transformational and Breakthrough Coaching Category of Programmes on the Radical Results Platform to be launched soon), and these tips will assist people to spend Lockdown productively and meaningfully; ultimately enjoying Mental and Physical Health.

Our prayers are that people in Lockdown will use this opportunity to “Detox” from old habits and negative MindSets that do not serve them or their families well and start a new chapter in their lives of Significance.

We invite you to also visit (or revisit) our Blog Post on how to prevent Fear, Anxiety and Stress to have a negative impact on your Immune System and Health:


It saddens us to see how panic, fear and anxiety has actually increassed exponentially since we posted this Blog Post merely a week ago. Do NOT allow Fear, Panic, Anxiety and Stress to rule your life, and to take you into a downward spiral to Depression that will surely lead to ill Physical and Mental Health.

Consider the tips provided below, become innovative and creative in your own thinking and explore possible new ways of making your life and that of your family and community more meaningful.

These tips only serve as ideas to trigger your mind to explore exciting and meaningful ways to make this Lockdown a significant time in your life.

Some people are still thinking of Lockdown as a “fun” adventure, a vacation or holiday. The warning is there, that these people may be the first to become depressed when they realise that it is restricting their movements and they cannot behave and do as they would on a normal holiday or vacation trip.

However, if you peruse the tips provided below, plan and design your life for in a way that excites you and inspires you to start on a brand-new Life Journey, there will be no place for panic, fear or anxiety and depression to set in.

Let’s immediately dive into our Tips which may start this new Life Journey:


Tip 1: Life will NOT be the same as before COVID-19 and Lockdown

  • Know this, understand this and accept this!

  • Worrying & stressing about Lockdown, the economy and life after COVID-19 and Lockdown will NOT help you.

  • See this as cleaning out, detoxing and a great opportunity to create a new life even more significant than the life you’ve had before.

  • If you do this right, it can be a very significant time.


Tip 2: Plan, Design & Prepare for a Meaningful Lockdown & a Significant Life after COVID-19 and the Lockdown

  • Mental Preparation – not just shopping for food, etc.

  • Nobody can be that naïve to believe any of this will be easy. Getting through COVID-19, Lockdown and out of the devasted world economy, will take courage, boldness, tenacity, perseverance and strong-Minded people. BE that person in your community!!!

  • Be still, visualise what you would like as the most meaningful Outcome and type of Life after COVID-19 and the Lockdown.

  • Be clear and specific about such a meaningful life would look like and how it will work to your, your family's and your community’s benefit. Do NOT be selfish, but also understand the responsible role you’ll have to play within such a meaningful Life.

  • Plan specific activities that you could and should do during the next few weeks and days to get closer to the envisioned Outcome.


Tip 3: Priority Tip: Maintain, nurture, re-establish or build meaningful relationships

  • HumanBeings, are made to be social beings, and not live in isolation. That is why extreme jail sentences and punishment includes solitary confinement.

  • Technology serves us well, and with the 4th Industrial Revolution being with us in 2020, plus how the so-called Rat Race has dehumanised people, and with social media being just about our only means of communication ☹, relationships are suffering, they are broken and this leads to lonely and broken people.

  • It’s critical that in this time of Lockdown, we evaluate the quality of our relationships!

  • Maintain, nurture, re-establish or build meaningful relationships during this time and your happiness levels will soar!

  • Part of this means that we should determine who do we have to forgive, including ourselves in order to re-establish and nurture our health and meaningful relationships.


Tip 4: Establish and capitalise on Technology to keep you in touch with loved ones, family and friends

  • Especially if you are alone in Lockdown, ensure that you have access to Technology and are set-up to at least communicate through WhatsApp, Telegram, and even Zoom calls.

  • Tip 3 applies, and it is critical, even if you are alone in Lockdown, or even if you cannot be with those that you should or wish to build and nurture relationships.

  • We are fortunate enough to live in the 4th Industrial Revolution and hence the invite to establish access to Technology to stay in contact with loved ones, family and friends.


Tip 5: Plan on, engage in and play different games with family members and friends

  • If you do not have any games where you are locked-down, design and invent games to play that can cause a lot of laughter.

  • Laughter is known to be excellent Medicine and an effective Anti-Depressant.

  • One can get to know yourself and your loved ones, family and friends through asking meaningful questions to each other. This always brings an outcome of huge respect for each other, valuing others by understanding them and yourself when you have to answer these questions, and it provides many surprises, bonding, and more meaningful relationships.


Tip 6: NEVER indulge in consistently following the negativity of news bulletins, death numbers, and spending a lot of time on the negative aspects of this reality

  • This does not mean you should know the facts and details, as well as seriousness or context of COVID-19 and Lockdown.

  • This merely means that remain aware of the facts, rules, guidelines, recommendations and new laws that are applicable, BUT,

  • Immediately shift you Mind from the negative facts and situation to Solutions-Mode where you plan, design and implement practical, useful, and effective strategies and solutions to protect you and your family, but also to get you closer to your envisioned Outcome and Life after COVID-19 and Lockdown.

  • See other strategies and tips provided in this post, as well as the post on Fear and Stress referred to earlier, to effectively shift from a negative spiral to a positive Solutions and Meaningfully spiral out of Victim-mode and Problem-Mode.


Tip 7: Be Innovative and Creative about different and diverse Activities you (and your family or friends if you are blessed to be with other people in Lockdown) can do daily during the period of Lockdown

These are merely guidelines and suggestions to trigger your mind and provide with possible ideas:

  • The important factor is that YOU (and the people you share the Lockdown space with) become very Innovative about meaningful and productive Activities to do as a family, or even by yourself if you are alone in Lockdown.

  • Every waking hour, physically leave what you are doing, and walk outside into the sunlight, even only for 5 minutes at a time.

  • Start doing some sort of physical exercise, more than walking. A great exercise is push-ups next to your bed, if that is the only space you have available. Just google how to do it correctly in order to avoid hurting yourself by doing it incorrectly. Start for example with 1 push-up per day, increasing to 2 per day, and consistently increasing the repetitions as you get fitter and stronger. Joga is also a relaxing/rejuvenating & calming alternative. Walking specifically (especially if it is possible in the sunshine), and exercise is very important for Mental Health!

  • Start DIY tasks in and around your house (especially as a family – as this can be a great bonding exercise that brings a lot of fulfillment, laughter, and joy in the end-result). Being physically productive, especially as a team and getting all those maintenance tasks completed in and around the home has great Mental Health benefits.

  • Doing some gardening as a family is a great activity. It’s even better if you start, grow and maintain a vegetable and herb garden to supply you with fresh vegetables and herbs daily!

  • Play uplifting music, dance, move, laugh and have fun!

  • Become creative about how you can still productively contribute value towards the economy. Keep doing your work (if you are able/required to), or plan and think how you can contribute positive value to the economy and humankind through a new venture.

  • Creatively transform into a HumanBeing instead of being a robotic, automated "HumanDoing".

  • Most important of all: BE STILL in your Mind, re-establish your relationship with God, our Creator, and Provider, Jesus Christ our Healer and our Saviour. You cannot and will not get depressed or be afraid and have anxiety or get depressed when spending quality time in the Presence of the Lord!

  • Spend quality time in nurturing your spirit – it is part of your Being. The best way is to Meditate, Pray, and/or engage in Praise and Worship.


Tip 8: 21-Day New Daily Activities and Experiences

  • Make a list, prior to 00:00, Friday, 27th March 2020 with 21 Different and Exciting Activities (exciting and significant for YOU!!!!) to do daily.

  • Starting Friday morning, the 27th March 2020, you do one of those Activities that you’ve never done before, always contemplated or dreamed about doing or thought you’d like to try and do, but never had the time or energy to do.

  • Then, every day, do at least one new, different and exciting Activity on your List that is meaningful to YOU!!! √ Tick off as soon as you completed it successfully. Some ideas to trigger your Innovativeness about exploring the adventure of such exciting Activities, will be listed under Tip 9 of this post. Remember these are only suggestions. You must Creatively and Innovatively identify 21 different Activities, one for every day of Lockdown period, that will be exciting and/or meaningful to YOU!!!!!


Tip 9: Possible Exciting and Meaningful Personal Activities to put on your Daily Lockdown Activity List

  • Start writing a Book/Blog/Journal...

  • Start baking healthy Keto breads, muffins, etc. for the family.

  • Start you own YouTube Channel inspiring other people that are struggling with fear, anxiety, loneliness, and stress during this period of Lockdown and COVID-19 with ideas and suggestions on how they can meaningfully spend their Lockdown time.

  • Start a new Digital Business that will help businesses and the economy when we come out of Lockdown and COVID-19 is behind us.

  • Start learning a new skill, like learning a new language, or a new skill that can assist you in your career, business or personal life, once we’re out of Lockdown.

  • Do some research on a topic that is of interest to you.

  • Go onto and implement something healthy into your lifestyle.

  • Be grateful on a daily basis for the small, yet great things in your life – the things we often accept as “normal”. Being grateful, even for sunshine or rain, food to eat, a comfortable bed to sleep in, your loved ones, etc. will focus your attention on positive things rather than on negativity and depressive thoughts. Keep your Mind occupied on good, positive and productive things!

  • Start building a 5,000-piece Puzzle, looking forward to the beautiful picture you are creating – this is also an excellent Activity to do with the whole family.

  • Start Journaling your new Life and your Lockdown Journey to provide Lessons Learnt and/or new Perspectives and Principles to be applied in "Life after Lockdown and COVID-19".

  • Take and post photos of the Sunrise and Sunset every day of Lockdown to celebrate the beauty of Nature, in spite of the terrible and sad reality the world finds itself in.


Tip 10: Enjoying Tasty & Healthy Home-cooked Meals together in Communion

  • Sit around the dining room table as a family or friends, enjoying tasty, healthy, home-cooked meals together in communion.

  • If you are alone in Lockdown, schedule WA Video call or Zoom call Meals together with loved ones, family or friends that are not with you in Lockdown.

  • The health benefits of having meals together in a positive ambiance and friendly communion has been proven. Just one such case study is documented in the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, and it is called The Rosettenville Mystery.

Outliers book cover

The Radical Results team prays and wishes you a SAFE, yet SIGNIFICANT Lockdown period.


In spite of lots of sadness, trauma and people fighting for their lives, we trust and pray that all of us, and especially the Radical Results Community will one day look back at this Turning Point in time and the economy as a landmark time when YOU made a decision to start a NEW, MEANINGFUL LIFE-JOURNEY, transforming and not only significantly contributing value into the economy, but to other peoples’ lives as well.

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