Preventing fear, anxiety and specifically stress from having a negative impact on your Immune System


F = False

E = Evidence

A = Appearing

R = Real


After that introduction, you may be wondering if I believe that the nCov-19 is not real?

Nope, I do believe there is a nCov-19 and that people are dying from it.

I also believe it is serious.

It is indeed a very sad epidemic, evidence and situation. I am by no means trying to play this off as not serious, not important enough to take cognisance of, or to consider.

However, there is also another reality.

This is the reality I would like to focus on today. Why?

This other reality that I’m referring to may change your situation! That’s why…



  • Stress raises the Cortisol hormone levels - this is your fight or flight hormone.

  • Cortisol weakens the Immune System. A strong Immune System contributes to about 80% of your overall health.

  • Stress can cause the brain and heart arteries to go into arterial spasm, constricting blood flow, which means decreased oxygen flow.

Coronary Artery Spasm


  • When in stress-mode, one's brain cannot be high performing and one cannot make smart decisions. This is due to energy and oxygen getting released to our arms and legs instead of the heart and brain during stress (when our fight response is triggered).

  • Heightened memory and attention are related to the shock, the trauma, the situation or the problem that caused the fear, the shock, the anxiety and the stress. That means we become problem-focused and not solutions-focused.

Stress and the Heart

  • The Immune System is very dependant on healthy blood circulation and great lymph fluid flow.


So how do I stop FEAR and STRESS, especially when the world has to deal with the nCoV-19 pandemic?

1. Knowing and understanding that you can make far better decisions when you are not anxious or stressed.

2. Therefore, decide that because of the seriousness of the situation (that is causing FEAR and STRESS) you will go into Solutions-mode, rather than Problem-mode. Through NeuroScience techniques and practical tools in our Coaching programmes, we can teach you how to do this effectively. Emotions like fear, anxiety and stress will always follow your Mind. That means you can think and decide yourself into another mode, irrespective of the situation. To be more exact, it is in YOUR interest to do this; because whilst you remain in fear, anxiety, shock and stress, you will become a victim of circumstances.

3. In Solutions-mode, we explore different perspectives and views of the problem/situation.

4. In Solutions-mode, we can explore possible SOLUTIONS by asking questions like:

  • What is the most ideal solution for me in the current situation?

  • What can I do differently to eliminate or reduce the negative impact on me and my circumstances?

  • What can I do differently to get me and my situation closer to the ideal Outcome?

5. Whilst you are in Solutions-mode, different Neurotransmitters will be released that benefit your Health and your Immune System.

6. Do some deep breathing when you feel stress rising up in your body. This will allow oxygen and blood flow to the heart and brain for clearer thinking.

7. Physically walk out of the situation, out of your over-thinking, and out of focussing on the problem and situation or evidence causing the worry, anxiety or stress. It is best to do brisk walking outdoors, especially in the garden and in the sunlight, if that is possible, even only for a few minutes before you return to Solutions-mode – not Problem-mode.

2 Timothy

The NEW reality that I’m talking about, refers to taking control of aspects of your life and the situation that you can take control of.

It is accepting that some things, like the weather, the nCoV-19 virus, the world economy, etc. are outside of your influence and outside of your control.

Accepting the fact, means you can take a deep breath, and not try to change those aspects, and worrying or fearing them. It means you don’t waste energy on something you cannot change in any case.

Fear will NOT change your situation for the better – it may just change it for the worst.

The NEW reality refers to identifying what you can influence and what you can control.

Taking action on the things you can influence and that you can control, will put you in SOLUTIONS-mode.

I, for example, cannot control if I will be exposed when coming in contact with somebody that carries the nCoV-19 virus. However, I can influence this possibility positively by avoiding crowded places, not being in close proximity of other people in public spaces, not greeting anybody with a touch (even with a handshake or a hug), and when anybody in my presence sneezes or coughs or has the sniffles, I’ll turn my back, give a big step backward and politely excuse myself.

What I definitely can control is what I eat and/or drink to Boost my Immune System (or to break it down).

I can control my mindset - from enjoying pleasant times with my family at home, being creative at what we can do together, bonding with each other and nurturing our relationships.

Being creative could mean, that as a family we will not worry and stress about the empty shop shelves, and possibly not having food to eat. We will, for example, start working together in the garden, planting and growing our own vegetable and herb garden. This way (if you live in a sunny country like South Africa), you will get plenty of Vit D which is critically important to building a strong Immune System.


Healthy Family


You can do physical exercise in the fresh air (both excellent to build a healthy Immune System).

You can detox from all the EFT (Electrical Fast Transient) radiation from sitting in front of (being sedentary) the TV or laptop, being filled with toxic EFT radiation that is breaking down your Immune System.

Apart from the positive Neuro-transmitters that will be secreted in the whole family’s bodies, you will enjoy fresh alkaline vegetables from your own garden which will make your bodies more alkaline, keeping it healthy.

But also, in this case, you have taken control of your destiny and you will not starve to death either.

Again - Fear will NOT change your situation for the better – it may just change it for the worst.

Stay safe everyone!


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