Restoring a sick and tired body from Unhealthy to Healthy

Is it possible to go from a wheelchair and reclining-chair bound life, suffering from a degenerative, fast deteriorating disease like Multiple Sclerosis (MS), to walking and living an active life, in merely a few months?

Well, for Professor in Medicine at the University of IOWA and highly qualified Clinical Physician, Dr. Terry Wahls, this is a true-life story.

She was a competitive athlete and found herself declining in health, mobility, severely fatigued, in much pain, and very scary; losing her mental alertness, suffering from brain fog, memory issues such as losing her phone, keys, etc, to name a few of the symptoms. For a Medical Professor and Clinical Medical Doctor, realising you can no longer trust your memory and mental abilities, this is not an easy fact to accept, or to deal with.

Many of us (thank God), fortunately, do not suffer such a severe and traumatic illness. However, if we look at medical surveys and statistics, or just listen to our circle of family and close friends, we soon realise that globally, peoples’ health are being compromised. More and more people complain and suffer from consistent and chronic symptoms that seem to get worse and worse.

Look at the statistics presented by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on the top 10 leading causes of death (2016). All the causes of death presented in blue are lifestyle induced and chronic diseases! That means, we can take charge of our own life and health, making different choices and decisions, enjoying a life of WellBeing, not suffering from pain and other debilitating symptoms like physical and mental fatigue, brain fog, memory loss, etc.

Image: Top 10 global causes of deaths in 2016

Now, compare the above to the statistics below. For the same year (2016), none of the lifestyle diseases causing death, are rated at the top.

Image: Top 10 causes of deaths in low-income countries in 2016

You can listen to Dr. Terry Wahls tell her own story:


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