The WellBeing Continuum

The WellBeing Continuum is fundamental to the philosophy of Restorative Medicine.

In this post, we’ll explore what the WellBeing Continuum is, and why it is important to understand it as a fundamental principle of WellBeing. Every person finds themselves somewhere on this continuum. Below is my graphical depiction of this WellBeing Continuum.

The WellBeing Continuum


The medical term “homeostasis” means to “be in balance”. The word “disease” comes from being “out of balance”, which causes a dis-ease in the body.

Many factors can cause this dis-ease, preventing the body from being in balance or in homeostasis, and understandably, preventing the person from enjoying Optimal WellBeing.

Some of these factors (although the list is not all-inclusive and they are not listed in any particular order) could relate to, or be defined as:

  • Pathogens, for example; viruses; bacteria; fungicides; etc.

  • Stress in different forms that will most likely raise the stress hormone; Cortisol. External stressors like being hijacked, or scolded at; internal stressors like nutrient deficiencies, dehydration, negative thoughts or emotions, are typical examples of stress. Disease or surgery also causes stress in the body.

  • Chemicals like lead poisoning, acrylamide poisoning (from different types of bread, baked foods, deep-fried foods like chips, etc.), insecticides, pesticides and free radicals, etc. Prolonged negative thoughts or negative emotions like unforgiveness, bitterness and anger, can turn into chemical molecules in the body. All hormones like estrogen, testosterone, thyroid hormone, and enzymes like digestive enzymes form part of the chemical category.

  • Deficiencies such as vitamin deficiencies, mineral deficiencies, hormone or enzyme deficiencies, water deficiency, etc.

  • Chronic Inflammation anywhere in the body. Most chronic diseases are inflammatory diseases. Examples of Inflammatory diseases are: Depression; Rheumatoid Arthritis; Lupus; Fibromyalgia; Cancer; Gout; IBS; Chron’s disease, etc.

  • Oxidative Stress is a dis-ease when free radicals cause damage to cell membranes anywhere in the body. Oxidative Stress is often found in the brain cells (and can result in dementia, depression, brain fog, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.) and artery membranes that will cause a cholesterol plaque inside the arteries, narrowing the arteries that could lead to high blood pressure, etc.

  • EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Toxicity from mobile phone radiation, microwave cooking, computer radiation, nuclear radiation, X-ray radiation, etc.

  • And other….


Although pharmaceutical drugs and surgery have an important role to fulfill in medicine; and when these protocols are correctly prescribed and administered for actual acute and emergency cases like accidents, heart attack, stroke, etc., they do save many lives. It is acknowledged without a doubt, that pharmaceutical drugs and surgery play a critical and important role in medicine.

Unfortunately, acute and emergency cases make out a very small percentage of medicine if we view it from a wellness perspective. Important to note is that IF Preventative Medicine is effectively implemented with Natural and Restorative Protocols, the probability of a person getting, for example, a heart attack, a stroke, cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Depression, Alzheimer’s, etc. is very low to zero. That means we can avoid or eliminate Acute diseases by 99%.

Point in case; pharmaceutical drugs (and surgery) cannot contribute valuably to Preventative Medicine. Preventative Medicine by implication means one does what is necessary to keep the body in homeostasis. Drugs only suppress symptoms. By administering pharmaceutical drugs such as Cholesterol-lowering medicine (examples are Lipitor and Crestor), it causes severe and serious side effects, and it can even cause heart attacks – the very same thing one wants to prevent through Preventative Medicine. Read the blog post on Cholesterol and the myths related to Cholesterol (more blog posts on this topic to follow soon):

Unlike Acute and Emergency cases (which can be prevented effectively through Preventative Medicine), Chronic Diseases cannot be treated effectively with pharmaceutical drugs or surgery. These protocols will merely suppress the symptom(s), which as discussed earlier, is NOT a state of health and it is NOT a state of WellBeing.

The problem with suppressing symptoms is that a person may believe they are well and healthy, and in the meantime these suppressed symptoms (because the root cause is not addressed) PLUS the possible side effects of the medicine protocol, festers, causing more problems and dis-ease in the body, and when it is too late, serious illnesses like Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Burnout, Stroke, etc. “erupts” and manifests.

Cancer research, for example, has shown that often by the time the person gets diagnosed with Cancer, the Cancer had been developing for 12 to 18 years in the body before it manifests in symptoms or an actual diagnosis.

The objective of Restorative Medicine is thus to do whatever is necessary to successfully move from the left to the right on the WellBeing Continuum. This does not matter if one is already and unfortunately in the Chronic Disease category, (quite far to the left on the WellBeing Continuum), or still in the Preventative Health category, (relatively to the right on the WellBeing Continuum).

Once a person is out of danger from an Acute or Emergency situation/health event, through the help and assistance of correctly prescribed pharmaceutical drugs (or even necessary surgery), the best, the most effective and the surest way to Optimal WellBeing, will be to make use of Restorative Medicine Protocols.

Natural and Restorative Medicine Protocols are the only way to move swiftly and effectively to the right on the WellBeing Continuum.

Restorative Health and the WellBeing Continuum


The reason there is a cross drawn through Acute and Emergency block on the image below is that Acute and Emergency cannot be treated effectively by Restorative Medicine and it falls outside the scope of practice for Restorative Medicine:

In summary, Professional Health Practitioners of Restorative Medicine will use Natural Protocols to assist the client or patient to move from the left to the right on the WellBeing Continuum towards Optimal WellBeing. The Natural Protocols prescribed will be to specifically address the root cause(s) of the symptom(s), eventually eliminating the symptoms instead of suppressing them, and then creating balance (homeostasis) in the body. This has to happen in a holistic manner. See the In the Zone blog post to understand what is meant with a Holistic Approach.

I (Dr. Illona) and Radical Results, will always take a Holistic Approach. All recommendations will be specific to assist the body to move from the left to the right on the WellBeing Continuum, creating homeostasis, assisting the body so that the self-healing mechanism perfectly designed and created by the Creator of the human being, “kicks-in”, and the person can enjoy Optimal WellBeing.


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