Radical Results was formed in 2003 as a Business Consulting & People Development company in South Africa.  The company, its products and services evolved as the market changed and the business environment changed over time.

Now in 2020, the watershed year of the 4th Industrial Revolution, Radical Results re-invented, rejuvenated and re-branded to remain a cut above, world-class and innovatively pioneering in its industry.  We welcome you and we are looking forward to hearing from you about your experience of our new offerings.  Do not be surprised by us constantly updating, reshaping, transforming, innovating and doing things differently – this is what we believe is necessary to remain current, relevant & significant.

The 7th January 2020 is the rebirth of Radical Results with the sole purpose to serve our valued clients in a more meaningful way.  Through the opportunity presented by technology, Radical Results transformed to now be 80% an Online Business and so that we can reach many more people at the same time, across continents and make a meaningful difference in peoples’ and organisations’ lives.  20% of the Business and Services will be presented in exciting & beautiful physical environments where we will present curated events such as Retreats, Conferences, Workshops, and Conversation Platforms.

The scope & purpose of our business is based on providing the TRUTH extracted from global META (all relevant, gold standard research is research, analysed and a significant conclusion is scientifically submitted, considering all the possible relevant research) on the topic and in the relevant industry.  Our advice, ideas, content, recommendations, and suggestions are not formed on personal opinions (unless explicitly stated as such), and none of these are biased towards a specific product or pill that we want to sell.  It is solely based on the TRUTH, it is validated by excellent science, and of course personal experience through years of application.

Dr. Illona E Wilken, founder of Radical Results, has a passion for & the unleashing of the infinite potential & power, and specifically inherent resilience embedded in every human being.  This infinite potential includes all the strengths and talents that every human being is gifted with.  The inherent resilience refers to every human being having the ability to bounce back from trauma, shock, abuse, negligence, pain, and disappointment irrespective of this being experienced at a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level.

Radical Results always addresses the HOLISTIC environment.  The person is not made of separate and individual parts.  The person is integrated into a complex, yet very smart & resilient “system”.  It does not matter if the objective of an individual is to practice self-mastery and developing themselves to a “better person”, or they are interested in understanding themselves & others better, building more meaningful relationships, whether it is an employee or a corporate executive leader that desires to become more effective and higher performing, delivering excellence in their field of expertise, or somebody that wishes to live and be more healthy, gain sustainable energy mentally and physically, or to move on the wellness continuum to optimal wellbeing, Radical Results will have or will endeavour to design a significant, relevant & innovative solution that can be applied immediately and in a practical manner.  Radical Results facilitates & coaches their clients to "Get into the Zone" (see definition and article on “In the Zone” elsewhere) and to become WellBeings versus remaining stressed out and fatigued HumanDoings.

A WellBeing, à la Illona, is a HumanBeing that is well in spirit, well in soul, well in mind and a person who is also enjoying physical health, a person who is happy, experiences joy in life and who enjoys living life to his/her full potential, fulfilling his/her purpose in life, who nurtures and enjoys symbiotic relationships and, who is experiencing meaningfulness, living his/her purpose and calling in life.

A HumanDoing in contrast is somebody that goes through life “doing things like getting up, getting dressed, go to work, go home, eat & sleep”.  It’s all about meaningless “doing”.  They act, behave and are like zombies.  HumanBeings evolved slightly from HumanDoings.  They at least try to be human, build some relationships, but they are still “seekers”.  Constantly seeking purpose, meaning, desiring meaningful relationships that they believe are constantly avoiding them, they are mentally, emotionally and physically stressed out or exhausted.  These HumanBeings are seeking for means and ways to get out of this downward and negative spiral, but they seem to get constantly sucked into.  Unfortunately, they are still in victim mode and entertain a Scarcity MindSet.

This is where Radical Results promises to provide innovative, yet practical solutions.

If you are considering to spark a change for a new choice ... a different decision ... a creative thought ... a transformational action ... a radical insight ... and an Aha! experience - please contact us!