Rooted in Resilience

Rooted in Resilience

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Cultivate Resilience and THRIVE based on your personality's unique complexity!

Untangle your unique gifts, talents and personality traits to discover how you have everything you need to:

  • Weather life's storms, 

  • "Lift yourself out of lock-DOWN", and

  • Redirect to a newly defined future filled with ABUNDANCE.


Resilience is all about being able to overcome the unexpected.

Sustainability is about survival.

The goal of resilience is to THRIVE.

- Jamais Cascio -


Over the past couple of months specifically, we have experienced a tremendous amount of stress and uncertainty, adversity, and change in general.

Our lives have been turned upside down. The way we do business (if we are/were able to do business at all) has changed completely. Some of our basic rights and many of life's luxuries have been taken away from us. We have been asked to conform and many of us have been left feeling helpless and hopeless, with so much of life currently being out of our control.

Our days are a haze of strangeness’s, newness’s, adaptation and discovery. If, during this time, you have not done some form of introspection and have asked yourself; "Who am I now in this new landscape? ... Where do I fit in ... and ... How do I take on this new future?" - the time is NOW to take this opportunity to reframe and reset!

What has been asked of us is to demonstrate bucket-loads of patience and resilience - but "HOW?"

How do we stay positive and productive during these stressful times?

How do we stay/become creative and innovative to redirect ourselves and our businesses to a new future, when we are in survival mode?

It is time to clear up the confusion and to get a working plan in place!

Join our Online Course

If any of the following statements ring TRUE for you:

  • I know I have the potential to be a better spouse/partner, a better parent, a better leader / manager / employee / businessperson. I just need to get an effective and practical strategy or plan to implement.

  • Life is tough, and with the current global pandemic and our economic recession, I am concerned that I do not have sufficient mental stamina and resilience to consistently bounce back and remain relevant, focused, and effective in my personal and work life.

  • I believe in self-development, self-mastery, and personal growth, but I am frustrated with all these self-help books and positive psychology that tells me what to do, but nobody provides the practical “how-to” strategies that actually work and make a difference.​

  • I am frustrated with myself.  Investing lots of time and money in self-help and personal growth has not shown the required return on investment.

  • I need to reposition myself and/ my business but I don't know how or where to start - I am overwhelmed!

Course Outcomes

Through this Course, you will learn: 

  1. How to use the true Drivers of Behaviour and Personality to your advantage, to experience sustainable and actual change.

  2. That although many personality profiling assessments and teachings will try to put you into a box or put a label around your neck, EVERY person is truly UNIQUE – you’ll actually be amazed at how unique!  The permutations are as many as the different sets of fingerprints there are.

  3. Some practical strategies for capitalising on and unleashing our gifts and talents to break out of the box and unlock your infinite potential for self-mastery and personal growth, allowing you to contribute significant value to your life, work or business, your family and your community.

  4. How to develop resilience, be more resilient when adversity hits and how to bounce back effectively so that you can stay relevant, be courageous and assertive in challenging times.

You will receive a "Life GPS" that you can use to enhance:

  • your Communication skills

  • your Conflict Resolution skills

  • your Leadership skills

  • your Relationships... and so much more!


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